Preparation of a professional opinion backed up by material in the possession of the client, the legal documents (statements of claim and statements of defense) and lawyers’ indications.

The amount of documents and data could reach thousands of pages and findings, to which should be added the research/academic background data that will serve as the basis for the professional opinion. All of this must be compiled in a logical manner and backed up by analyzed and clarified information that will serve as a basis for making a well-informed decision.

During the preparation of the expert’s professional opinion many drafts and remarks will pass between the client, lawyers and author of the professional opinion until the formulation of a document that responds to the requirements of the client.

At the second stage a document is formulated to serve the lawyer’s office (of the client) to challenge and refute the claims of the opposing party. If there is a professional opinion by the opposing party – the additional document is intended to serve as an aid for the lawyers to challenge and undermine the testimony of the opposing expert.

Writing an expert opinion takes from three to eight weeks. The full process could extend over a period of one to four months. Net direct work hours invested in the preparation of a professional opinion range from 90 to 200 hours.

The third part is the expert’s testimony and defense of the professional opinion before the Court or the Arbitrator.

It is not enough to prepare a good professional opinion … at the same time it is necessary to monitor the conduct of the deliberations and present the client’s claims in a clear and confidant manner before the Judge/Arbitrator. The testimony before the Judge/Arbitrator is brief. Testimony could extend for 4 to 10 direct work hours.